Hi, I'm Lisa Boehmke

I started this business because I wanted to help entrepeneurs and small businesses. I learned all about video by investing in online training by high level videographers such as Parker Walbeck and countless others. I've spent years learning the techniques, tips and tricks in producing professional videos that produce results and I want to speed up the process for entrepeneurs like you.

I love every aspect of the video making process. Our Town Videos is a one person production company, which means I can either produce your videos or show you all you need to know to get your videos out there and relate with your customers. 

I chose the name Our Town Videos because my vision was to help the people in our community. It's difficult to get your business noticed in this highly advanced, technically savvy, love-it or leave-it in miliseconds online world. Worrying about the skills and time involved in producing a professional video that speaks directly to your customers is just another time consuming task to add to your list. It doesn't take much to produce a video these days...people just want to relate to you and trust YOU! Video is the only way to do that. People need to know you are real...just like them...and video will show them that you have the same problems and challenges that they have. 

You can't put out video that is jumpy and hard to watch and listen to (audio levels are equally important). Bad video and audio will turn customers away. So you need to know some simple do's and don'ts. 

If you'd prefer not to do it yourself, OTV provides proessional, fully edited videos and delivers various formats for every type of social media platform and websites. 

Do you send out timely and updated information to your existing customers? This is what it takes to INFORM and KEEP your clients...and KEEP them coming back.

We all know that video is a MUST HAVE nowadays and I am here to ease you through that pain. I love to see small businesses succeed and have been supporting entrepreneurs in my community by providing them with high quality videos for exposure and more potential clients.  


How can I help you get your customers to identify with you and your product? Let's get together and give them the real reason you started this business. Customers relate to businesses and people they can trust.